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Mind-reading Tech has the Potential to Help Nonverbal People Communicate

Posted by Rebecca Arpin on Jul 12, 2018 3:43:23 PM


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Artificial intelligence company, Darwin Ecosystem, has been working on the development of some pretty amazing technology: mind-reading headgear. While this headgear is still in its early phases, the goal is for the system to track brainwaves and recognize patterns, while interpreting the intentions of the sender. This tech could potentially be used for those who are unable to speak.

Darwin Ecosystem's technology was recognized as a finalist for the Interaction Innovation Awards. It is currently being tested on a woman with a neurological disorder in Ontario.

How it works

Wireless headgear is worn by the person who is unable to verbally communicate. This headgear is an electroencephalography device, tracking the different brain patterns over time. There is an intimate interpreter who will detect the nonverbal person's expressions, social cues, and movements. They will then record this information in the interconnected mobile app, which the technology will interpret together with the brain patterns. This data is the transmitted by the headgear and stored in a file where software detects the different patterns to predict what the person is thinking. It will be more successful with the more data gathered about the individual.

The Chief Executive of Darwin Ecosystem, Thierry Hubert, says the goal of this technology is to reach as many people as possible in order to gather as much data as possible from different brains.

Currently, the production cost of the headgear is about $850, while the app is free. Hubert is aiming to reduce the cost to $250-350 by the time it is available on the market. Hubert has been approached by individuals with Lou Gehrig's disease with hope that this system will speak for them when they can't anymore. An equestrian therapy program has also been in contact with Hubert about the system serving nonverbal riders.

Hubert's advice for innovators

Hubert said, "Today with innovation, you have to run a parallel course. If you don't have a vision and you don't put efforts into the fundamentals of your vision and you just look at the mercantile aspect, you will not be able to survive in a world of innovation in technology. You will be good at what you do for a short time, but eventually, you will fail."

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