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New App Aims to Help Addicts with Recovery

Posted by Rebecca Arpin on Sep 15, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Bestselling addiction recovery author and treatment center CEO, Brian McAlister has created a 28-day virtual recovery program called Freedom 365. With this program, each day is represented by one module that consists of several different sections and features videos, questions, and daily exercises. An app user's answers are stored in the Freedom 365 Action Plan section, allowing for easy access. This app is widely accessible, featuring availability on any device.

How it works

The exercises featured in the 28-day virtual program are designed to redirect self-destructive behaviors and refocus on improving one's life. This app aims to uncover the main cause of the app user's problems with drugs or alcohol and create a customized path based off that. App users can update their views and feelings as they change using the Action Plan section. The goal of this virtual program is to provide app users with a clear path and a full understanding of utilizing all tools provided in the Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System. Freedom 365 provides users with 365 days of recovery guidance and support. It provides 450 inspirational videos and daily action steps to keep the user involved. It is recommended to start each day by watching an inspirational video and creating a routine. Freedom 365 also features an empowerment button which is represented by a lightning bolt. This is available for when app users are tempted to relapse and gives several options to help change their focus.


Freedom 365 offers support. It features a space to enter the contact information of those who serve as a support network, allowing app users to easily reach out using this feature. This app also provides tools to locate group meetings. The information for the meetings can be stored under the My Meetings section for easy access.


Freedom 365 features a library section for app users to store their motivations for sobriety. This can include photos, journal entries, and videos. The library serves as a resource to refer to when someone is thinking of relapsing. It reminds the app user of what they are risking by halting their sobriety and why they want to stay sober.


Freedom 365 allows app users to enter their goals to follow the path to success. By storing all goals in one spot, they become easier to remember and follow.

Check out Freedom 365 today! For more, check out New Technology Helps Manage Diabetes.

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